Charlotte Market Update December 2022

Charlotte Market Update December 2022

  • Scott Pridemore
  • 12/16/22

Charlotte Market Update December 2022 

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Charlotte was just named as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. What are we seeing as it relates to our local market don't be wrong the market has shifted to a degree great homes and great neighborhoods are well positioned in the marketplace meaning price and condition are still transacting expeditiously obviously for the sellers out there you know making sure you align yourself with a professional that's not still working from like the early 2022 marketing plan which really there wasn't one is very important that is so true. I mean even a turkey could fly in a hurricane. Things were selling at the speed of light now things are more of a normalization period that we're in the process of, particularly around the holidays. The first quarter of next year there's still interest but it's not as much as it relates to the demand this time of year and home buyers this is such an opportunity for you in fact, I'll tell you during the winter months we're already seeing opportunities for buyers where they're able to get in at or under list price. Where just six-eight months ago many buyers were having to go way above list to secure the home and so what this effectively means is you're paying in many cases less than list price and yes interest rates are higher, but it's really coming out in the wash, with respect to what your payment would be because you didn't have to pay fifty thousand dollars more than list price.

We'd love to hear from you by all means reach out we can break down the pros and the cons and for many people, it's a great time to buy but based on each person's situation it may not be okay, we'd love to help!





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